Is it necessary to open a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem?

The many entrepreneurs who want to open a restaurant in Jerusalem find
themselves faced with a serious dilemma with respect to the kashrut question. On
the one hand, a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem will attract a large number of clients
during the week, but no one will come on weekends. On the other hand, a
non-kosher restaurant will be able to attract a loyal religious clientele only on
weekends, but not during the week. In the following paragraphs, we will take into
account the rare religious clients who are ready to compromise and enter a
non-kosher restaurant in which they would be ordering dishes they are forbidden
to eat.

Where do the Orthodox Jews go for entertainment in Jerusalem?

The reason we are not discussing this type of clientele in more detail is that those
who wear the knitted kippa are in fact a minority among the religious nationalists
in Jerusalem. This article will focus mainly on the religious, secular and religious
nationalist populations.
Despite the general observance of kashrut in the Emek Refaim quarter of
Jerusalem and in other restaurants in the city center, most if not all of the Orthodox
Jews tend to avoid them. It must not be forgotten that according to religious law,
it is forbidden to go into cafés, restaurants and many other recreational venues.

Evolving cultural trends in Jerusalem

This means that, like in the Bnei Brak region or the Mea Shearim quarter, there is
no restaurant with the exception of some falafel stands.
On the other hand, in Jerusalem, devout religious followers as well as traditionalists
usually have a number of leisure activities and one of these is dining out in
Jerusalem’s kosher restaurants. They have adopted secular customs. These are
new behaviors that are only recently being observed in the city, whereas barely
fifteen years ago this population did not usually go out to eat in the city’s
Places in Jerusalem such as Emek Refaim are generally crowded with this type
of clientele all day and particularly in the evening. The age range for clients who
regularly dine in kosher restaurants varies with respect to the type and character
of the restaurant. Thus most of the younger clients prefer the more affordable
restaurants while the older ones tend to go to gourmet restaurants.

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Is it necessary to open a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem?